Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Rest In Peace Link Wray

The legendary Link Wray died two weeks ago at a young 76. Without Link Wray and his Wraymen there would be no punk and no metal. He is the father of distorted barre chords and pure attitude meshing together to start a whole new sound. He was the baddest of the baddest. And he will be missed. Here is a snippet from the LA Times obituary:

Link Wray, 76; Rebel Guitarist's Power Chord in 'Rumble' Started Rock Music on Its Journey to Punk and Heavy Metal
By Dennis McLellan, Times Staff Writer

Link Wray, the rock guitar pioneer who gave birth to the aggressively primal sound known as the power chord on his 1958 instrumental hit "Rumble" and influenced two generations of rock guitarists, has died. He was 76.

Wray died Nov. 5 at his home in Copenhagen, his family said on his website. Although no cause of death was given, his wife, Olive, and son, Oliver, wrote that the North Carolina native's heart had been "getting tired."
On stage, the rebel Wray never tired of wielding his ax.

"He just loved playing," said Michael Molenda, editor in chief of Guitar Player magazine, who saw Wray perform last July at Slim's, a small San Francisco club.

"He was certainly a young soul, very gracious, kind of like a punk to the end," Molenda said Monday. "He wasn't like a guy who was 76 years old. He was like a 19-year-old in a 76-year-old body."

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