Saturday, March 04, 2006

Check it out...

Hello friends and family!

We here at No.3 are pretty stoked right now. Here's why:

1. Our entire catalog is now on iTunes.
Download Ladykillers "Welcome To Rock'N'Roll Kid".
Download Frausdots "Gonna Lose It" 7".
Download Brother Reade "North Cack ep".
Download Crystal Skulls "Blocked Numbers".

2. Geisha Girls upcoming debut full length "Disappearing Act" is getting mastered this week. That means it'll be out this summer and it is really really good. I'm not just saying that. Check out some unmastered tracks here.

3. Speaking of the Geisha Girls, you can see them live at the following shows:
TONIGHT! March 4th Costa Mesa, CA at Avalon Bar w/ The Tyde and Japanese Motors
March 11th Costa Mesa, CA at the Roc w/ Japanese Motors, Plastick and Hemingway
March 18th Sunset Beach, CA at J. King Neptunes w/ the Matamachine
April 6th Los Angeles, CA at the Echo w/ the Flesheaters (original line-up!!!!)

4. Brother Reade will be at SXSW this year playing AFTER Lady Sovereign! For more info go here.

5. Ladykillers have been hard at work getting their new album all finished up for you. And they've dropped some rough mixes for you to check out at their myspace page. Listen to them here. I've heard a lot of this record as they've been working on it. It is gonna blow some minds. Serious.

6. And since we're on the topic, it's been a little while since Ladykillers played live (1/2 the band are in Europe touring with Lords of Altamont) so we're damn excited for these upcoming stateside dates:
April 7th Santa Cruz, CA at the Catalyst w/ the DEAD KENNEDYS
April 8th Newhall, CA at the Rendezvous -- FREE but sadly 21+
May 12th Los Angeles, CA at Safari Sam's w/ the Bellrays, Donita Sparks of L7, and the Spores

Thats all for now. As always you can get more info on us over at

Number 3 Records


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